160 Girls Justice Journal

The 160 Girls Justice Journal is a newsletter that is distributed in print by teams of 160 Girls Virtual Justice Club (VJC) student leaders, Justice Club teachers, rape rescue partners and local police officers. This newsletter is distributed weekly in our three VJC pilot regions: Kakamega, Nairobi and Mombasa. Every issue is published in both Swahili and English. The topics of each newsletter are related to the VJC curriculum lesson topics, which include subjects such as police defilement investigation steps, consent, obstruction of justice, and survivor shaming. In each lesson in the VJC app, students are invited to submit their thoughts and respond to questions related to the subject matter. A few of these submissions are featured in the Community Corner section of the Justice Journal!

You can access every issue of the Justice Journal through the links below. Issues will be added to this list as they are published.

Justice Journal Issue #1 – 160 Girls Project Background and Context

Justice Journal Issue #2 – Defilement Investigation Steps

Justice Journal Issue #3 – Good Touch vs. Bad Touch

Justice Journal Issue #4 – Consent

Justice Journal Issue #5 – Survivor Shaming

Justice Journal Issue #6 – Boys as Survivors

Justice Journal Issue #7 – Believing Survivors

Justice Journal Issue #8 – Indicators of Defilement

Justice Journal Issue #9 – Supporting Survivors of Defilement

Justice Journal Issue #10 – Why do Perpetrators Rape?

Justice Journal Issue #11 – Obstruction of Justice

Justice Journal Issue #12 – Institutional Betrayal