160 Girls Podcast

The 160 Girls Podcast is an accompaniment to the equality effect’s 160 Girls Virtual Justice Clubs e-learning curriculum. Each episode is a conversation between e2 team members who share a passion for gender equality and girls’ rights. We’ve interviewed human rights lawyers, police officers, artists, measurement experts and many other professionals in this field. Topics of discussion include fighting for justice for survivors of sexual and gender-based violence, holding perpetrators accountable and working to prevent sexual violence.

You can listen to the podcast here or access specific episodes through the links below.



Episode 1: 160 Girls Background (Interview with e2 CEO Fiona Sampson and 160 Girls National Coordinator Kula Wako).

Episode 2: Police Defilement Investigations (Interview with police officers Florence Kinyua and Tom McCluskie).

Episode 3: 160 Girls Virtual Justice Clubs students leaders (Interview with four VJC participants).