Measurement results for the 160 Girls pilots are in, and they are positive!  The 160 Girls police defilement investigation training aims to ensure compliance of defilement investigations with the High Court’s 160 Girls landmark decision, bringing an end to impunity for child rape. The top three results achieved through the pilot of the 160 Girls police training include:

i) after training, officers scored 6.5/10 re: accompanying victim to receive medical treatment;

ii) after training, officers scored 9.3/10 re: preferring (laying) appropriate criminal charges;

iii) after training, officers scored 8.4/10 re: arresting suspects.

Prior to the 160 Girls police intervention, police defilement investigations were assessed as unconstitutional by the High Court, the equivalent of a narrative "0" score.

View a summary of the 160 Girls police training results.

The results of the 160 Girls Public Legal Education (PLE) pilot are similarly positive, with a 23% increase in awareness of the 160 Girls High Court decision being reported.  This increase in awareness means increased empowerment for community members who now know their rights, and can act to hold perpetrators accountable for child rape.

Here is a summary of the 160 Girls PLE results.

160 Girls Justice Clubs - Helping to Lead Systemic Change

160 Girls Police Training Feedback
“After receiving the 160 Girls training, including the focus on victimology, I realized no girl should ever go through such an experience, and all perpetrators should be punished, and I promised myself if I get a defilement case it would be my mission to get justice. The 160 Girls training gave me an additional tool to use in the fight against crime, and I have sharpened this tool. Girls and women have gained lots of confidence because we’re getting convictions, and they feel justice can come out at last. … Justice must prevail for all girls.”

Acting OCS Alex Otieno, Tigania West Station, Meru, Kenya

The equality effect is now focusing on continuing the 160 Girls success, and rolling out the police training and PLE across Kenya.

Many thanks to the members of the e² Measurement team from the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto, and Nielsen for their invaluable help analyzing the 160 Girls pilot data. 

And many thanks to you for your continued e² interest and support – without you the systemic change being created by e², ending impunity for child rape, would not be possible.

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