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Who are the 160 Girls?

In eastern Kenya, 160 girls, all victims of rape, are determined to seek justice. In Kenya, a woman or girl is raped every 30 minutes. Girls are raped by family members and men in their own communities. Many of the girls are orphans whose parents have died of AIDS. They are vulnerable to abuse from extended family members and from strangers.

Because many men believe that sex with a virgin – even a young child – is a cure for HIV/AIDS, these girls are doubly vulnerable.

The 160 girls have received temporary shelter and refuge for 6 weeks – after that, they are on their own- and vulnerable.

What is 160 Girls?

The “160 Girls” project is a legal initiative that aims to achieve justice and protect against rape for all girls in Kenya. The 160 Girls project will initiate litigation to secure legal remedies ordering the state to enforce existing laws in Kenya to protect girls from sexual violence and to hold rapists accountable.

The project will mobilize the law to secure concrete change for women and girls who currently experience some of the most appalling forms of violence in the world today.

To learn more about the 160 Girls Virtual Justice Clubs, click here.

Benefits of 160 Girls

If the State enforces its laws, girls will be protected from rape. There will be increased safety and security for girls and more state accountability for the enforcement of existing laws intended to protect women and girls.

Visit the 160Girls project website.